Innovation Day Reflection

Thinking of my and Charlotte’s project compared to the other projects we  saw, what I would do differently next time is to make our game more creative and look more fun.  After we presented our project to our parents I felt like I could have done better on creativity and explained our graphs and charts on our video.  I think we could have looked at more websites to show that we know what we’re writing about. I think that I should take some more time to read the project before we start making the video. We should read through the rubric before we say we’re done. But I am happy with my overall mark.

Creative Writing


Imagine one day you go into school for the first time after the weekend, with two of your friends. You go to the science lab to check up on your science project. When you get in the room to go to check on it you notice that over the weekend it started bubbling over. You start to clean it up you and your friends accidentally touch the mess with bare hands. You think nothing of it so you go and wash your hands. But later in class, you and your friends start feeling sick, so you go to the bathroom and you and your friends fall in the toilets… 


You are like omg I have just been shrunk. When you are in the toilet you wonder why you have been shrunk, and you are wondering how you are going to get out of the nasty toilet. When you are floating in the toilet you realize you are floating in your clothes, in the toilet.  But you are still wondering how you got shrunk, and then you remember that you touched your science project, and you now think that is what made you shrink. In your head, you are like omg I made something that makes people shrink, but you are also like I have to throw out my project so no one else shrinks. Then you remember that your friends touched your science project too, so you are wondering if they also shrunk and if they are in the toilet too. You now think of an idea of how to get out of the toilet and it works! So you are probably wondering how you got out. You decided to make a rope out of your clothes to climb out, but now you have to make clothes for yourself to wear. So you take a piece of your rope and tie it around you like a piece of clothing for you to wear.   


Now that you are out of the toilet and have clothes on you go and get your other friends, out of their toilets. But when you go to get them they aren’t there so you wonder if they got flushed down the toilet or something? But, then you look to your side and they are right next to you with a piece of clothing on. You wonder how they got out but that’s not your top priority right now. You tell your friends your idea to throw out your science project and they think it’s a good idea. You make your way to the science lab and throw out your project with your friends. You were lucky because you were the first people to get to the project, boy it was way heavier when we were shrunk. After you throw out the science project you want to make a  growing potion to make you big and the same size you were before. You and your friends start to make a potion, and each time you make a potion you test it out on each other and after making 9,812,302,056 it finally works and you and your friends are… 




jewish studies

Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Tefillin, and Tallit are important because they make us remember about god and how we serve him. Tallit and Tefillin are also used while praying and that is one way we serve him. The tefillin serve the purpose of reminding us of our actions
(this one goes on our arm) and our thoughts (this one goes on our head), they als0 remind us of the 613 mitzvot. Tefillin are 2 black leather boxes with parchments of the Torah. Tallits are used as prayer shawls because after the Second Temple was destroyed they decided to use them as a prayer shawl and not an everyday item. I find it interesting that girls have bat mitzvah before the boys because it says that the girls are more mature than boys.  

Children’s Book


This is my project for English. We were asked to read a book and make a children’s book, mock Youtube channel, call to action, its objective, podcast, board game/card game, webpage or photo essay. I thought that the best decision would be to make a children’s book so I did and here it is.

This book I made had to have a fully illustrated page. So I had to make a drawing for each page and a small paragraph to go with the drawing. It’s based on the book “Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator” by “Roald Dahl” and it is a book that explains what happened after “Charlie and the Chocolat Factory”.

truth and reconciliation

This week  was Truth and Reconciliation week. My teacher asked us to make a blog post about truth and reconciliation?    what does reconciliation mean?  Reconciliation means reestablishment of something such as a broken relationship.  This week I learnt a lot of new information one of the big things I learnt was that the indigenous people weren’t treated right and what orange shirt day is.  Orange shirt day is a day that you wear an orange shirt to remember what happened. This story is about a girl that got a bright orange shirt for her first day of school (residential school) and she said that they stripped off her clothes and she said that she never saw the shirt again. The orange shirt serves as a symbol of the horrors that occurred at the residential schools. 



A way our school can create a more inclusive environment to recognize Indigenous learn more about their heritage and culture and learn about the actions we can do in the community to help the Indigenous. 


middle school retreat

Day one

On Monday morning we went to carlington park. We were there for like 3 or 4 hours and played a lot of boring games. They also gave us some food they gave us in the morning and we brought lunch. Then we walked to school to go on a bus.  We went on the bus for 40 minutes or more. After the bus we were at the OCR obstacle course. The obstacles were fun. On of the obstacles you had to jump a six 6 foot wall. 

Day two

This day we had to wake up early. I  had to wake up at 4:50am  and we had to be on the bus at 6:30am  or the bus would leave without you. We were on the bus for around an hour and a half. When we got og the bus we were there at the white  water rafting place (wilderness tours). We waited for like an hour to go and get our ecumint and that time we had a snack and put away our bags then we went to go to put on our equipment. We put on wetsuits, life jackets, hellmetes and paddles. Then we went on another bus ride for  ten minutes with all our equipment on. Then we finally got to go after all the safety rules and how to paddle. It was a lot of fun after we finally got to go on the rapides. Then we stopped around half way through to have food. Then we kept on going when we finished the whole thing was like two to three hours long.  We went home on a another bus ride aronde  an hour and half. When we got to school our parents or parents were already there to pick us up. 

Day three 

On the third day it was a half day. So we played some games till 12:00 pm. Then we left for a holladay.   

Just dessert 

“My mother will never eat pumpkin pie again.” 

Just dessert 

    There once was a girl named Veronica that had a bob cut with bangs and liked to wear dresses. She had a friend named Garsila. She had very long hair and a very long neck. Garsila liked to wear sweatpants and sweatshirts.  Veronica liked to cook and bake a lot. One day she was making a pumpkin pie and she lowered the knife and it grew even brighter. It was like it had a mind of its own. It flew up and it came right to her chest and stabbed her in the heart. 

Veronica’s  friend Garsila liked to play basketball and soccer.  But one day she was playing basketball and the ball went on the road  and she didn’t see the car, and the car didn’t see her. The car hit her and it  just drove away.  She was playing with her friends and they didn’t  know what to do, except just stand still and eventually call 911 but it was too late. She was DEAD!!


Veronica’s mom came home and saw that she had bled out on the floor. Her mom was crying and crying and she just couldn’t stop. Veronica’s mom was sobbing and said “at least she died doing what she loved.” Veronica’s mom also found a half cut up  pumpkin pieces so she could make the pumpkin purée and pie dough on the counter. 


Now Veronica and Garsila are dead, they are ghosts now.

 “I can’t believe I died from a knife that literally had a mind of its own,” said Veronica.


 “I can’t believe I died from a basketball that went on the street and a car hit me,” said Garcila. 


“I bet your mom will hate basketball,” said Veronica. 


“I think your mom will hate pumpkin pie and any other pie from now on,” said Garsila. 


“Just saying pie makes me hungry,” said Garsila.


 “Well, hearing the word basketball just makes me bored,” said Veronica. 


“You want popcorn” asks Veronica 


“Yes I want popcorn,” said Garsila. 

“Ok I will make it for us then we can watch a movie” said Veronica. 


“ I can’t hold the bowl of popcorn it just falls out of 

My hands,” said Veronica 


“Ha,  what really let me try to wait you weren’t lying it literally doesn’t  work,”

 Said Garsila. 


“Anyways, you know what Veronica I think when I died I looked like a dead animal on the road” said Garsila. 


“You know what Garsila when I died I probably looked so gross on the floor in the kitchen,” said veronica.    


 So now we  have to learn how to be  ghosts. That won’t be hard. Actually  it’s harder than you think. First we have to learn how to control ourselves as ghosts. We have to learn how to hold things and how to not fall through floors. So they practised and practiced until they learnt how to control to not fall through the floor. And they also learned how to hold things. Now they have mostly learnt how to be a ghost but now they have to learn what their ghost symbol is.  Garcila said, “I think my symbol is a blue bird, because I liked to play outside a lot and I always thought  blue jays are the nicest.” Veronica said “ I don’t know what mine is, I just need more time.” 


Veronica’s mom wanted to figure out if someone, something, stabbed her daughter in the  chest.  Garcia’s mom wanted to find out who killed her daughter. So the mom’s tried and tried by themselves to find out what happened. But they couldn’t so they called the police and they found the person that hit garsila. They did a trial and he was found guilty so now he is in jail.   No one could find out how the knife got into her chest. Veronica’s mom got the detectives, police, and investigators.  The only thing they thought of was suiside. But the thing that actually happened was it was like the kine had a mind of its own. But no one will know.



public speaking



   Do you know what a pencil tastes like? Is Chewing a pencil Just a Bad habit? What about if it gives you self comfort? Do you have anxiety or stress? Or maybe just social anxiety? It could also be linked to oral sensitivity? But if you do chew on pencils does a blue or yellow one taste different?  What about an eraser? Did you know that of the 20 billion pencils made each year around the world over 5 billion get chewed! I’m Georgia Smith and I’m here to tell you why I think pencils get chewed. Could it be because of anxiety, stress, or self-comfort? Oral sensitivity or just a bad habit? Well, “are you ready to find out!?” 


Do people bite their pencils because of oral sensitivity? You may ask what is oral sensitivity?  Kind of like thumb sucking or biting your nails. Pencil chewing has been connected to the oral phase of childhood development. Some signs of oral sensitivity are bite marks on old toys,  sucking on clothing, liking extra extreme food flavors or constant gum chewing. Sensory receptors in your mouth can be hypersensitive or hyposensitive. What does hypersensitive mean? Hypersensitive means that you avoid some types of foods and you are extra sensitive to certain textures and feelings in your mouth. What does hyposensitive mean? Hyposensitive means your mouth needs more feelings and textures and you may put things in your mouth to stop fidgeting and 

.disrupting in class. Some kids that chew their pencils can be Hyposensitive.


Do people also bite pencils because of self comfort if you have anxiety, stress or social discomfort?  The B.C. Children’s

 hospital says that “Anxiety means feeling worried, nervous or fearful. We all experience anxiety at times and some anxiety can be helpful. For example, feeling some anxiety before a test, interview or public-speaking can help motivate you to prepare for it.”  What is self comfort? Self comfort is a way to calm oneself when faced with a stressful situation. Sometimes in class kids when they feel anxious instead of biting their nails or tapping their fingers resort to biting their pencil. Life’s awkward and sometimes a socially intimidating moment can trigger our most self destructive behaviors. These behaviors can occur to try and calm the mental and physical toll that anxiety creates. But you might also be wondering what social anxiety is because I did say something about it in this speech before.

Social anxiety comes from having to film something, read something out loud or having to present projects to the class, parents, teachers, any family or just any crowd. Sometimes to deal with these anxieties kids chew their pencils.


Last but not least  is it just because it’s a bad habit??

What is a bad habit and why do people have bad habits? A bad habit is something that is really hard to stop once you start. Most of the time the reason for bad habits is simply a way of dealing with stress and boredom. Everything from biting your nails to tapping your fingers to wasting time on the internet can simply be a response to stress or boredom.  There are so many bad habits  I can’t list them all, but here are a few  like nail biting, tapping things with your hands or fingers, pulling out hair, being on a device all day, losing your temper and smoking. Why is biting your pencil a bad habit? By biting your pencil not only does it increase your risk for germs that cause illness by giving bacteria and viruses a free trip into the body, it also is an easy way to spread those germs to others, too. Is the paint on a pencil toxic to humans? The paint on the pencils some time ago used to have lead in it so it was toxex  but now the paint does not have lead in it so it is not toxic  anymore.  Chewing your pencil may be unhealthy for you. Like chewing on ice, this habit can cause teeth to chip or crack. When you feel the need to chew something, chewing Sugarless gum is a better option.  


As you heard there are many reasons why people chew pencils. The question is why they do it and why it’s bad for them. The most likely reason is  from oral sensitivity, self comfort, anxiety, stress or maybe it’s  a bad habit. No matter what, biting your pencil  is bad for you, bad for the environment and bad for your teeth. If you want to learn how to stop chewing your pencil you’ll have to wait for my speech next year…how to stop on chewing pencils.


Ma ville


This week in french class we all had to make are own little city it had land mark and streets which were labeled in french and we had to present to the hole class and here is my presentation.