That is the name of my and Maya’s sled. I have never done anything in my life with a drill, so I knew that was going to be a challenge. I ended up loving it, it was a lot of fun I had a good time. The first period we had to start building the sled I wasn’t a school and that set the process behind a bit. But we built it together during lunches to ensure it was ready for innovation day. We brought it back to my house to paint it (that’s why we called it FireBall). We also named it after a song by Pitbull in the link underneath it goes to a slide show of photos. (file:///Users/georgiasmith/Desktop/innovation%20day.mp4) In the end, I like how it turned out, we could have done some things better.

Mon projet sur Les Annees Quatre- Vingts (80s) La Mode 

A la fin d’une unité de travail sur la mode et les jeunes, Madame Sylvie nous a demandé de faire un projet. Nous avions deux choix de sujet et elle nous a aussi donné le choix de travailler avec un partenaire ce qui est TRÈS rare dans son cours de français. Moi j’ai choisi le sujet numéro 1. Il fallait que je choisisse une période historique et que je recherche le style de vêtements, coiffures, mœurs etc pour hommes et femmes de cette époque. J’ai choisi de rechercher les années 80s. Aussi, j’ai choisi de travailler seul parce que ça rend les choses plus faciles.


Par la suite, il fallait, bien entendu, préparer le résultat de notre recherche sur CANVA en suivant une rubrique spécifique avant de présenter oralement à notre classe.


Ci-dessous, vous trouverez mon projet sur la mode.–08oNVDpBw/edit

Conseils Pharmaceutiques et Naturels Par Georgia

Dans la classe de français, pour terminer notre unité sur “Un mode de vie sain et malsain”, nous devions faire une petite recherche sur les traitements pharmaceutiques et naturels de sept différentes maladies communes. Pour nous forcer à pratiquer notre expression orale en français, Madame Sylvie nous a demandé d’enregistrer nos conseils et de les inclure dans notre projet. Ce que j’ai trouvé le plus difficile c’était  trouver les maladies. Je suis fière de mon projet parce que c’est fait beau.

Si vous prenez le temps de visionner mon projet, vous trouverez des conseils pour quelques petits problèmes de santé.


Mon Camion de Nourriture

A la fin de notre unité sur “Food and Eating Out”, Madame Sylvie nous a demandé de créer notre propre camion et d’inclure un nombre de détails comme: un simple menu avec prix et une carte d’affaires. En premier, il fallait décider quel genre de nourriture notre camion allait vendre. Moi j’ai choisi de vendre des pizzas. Bien que la plupart des élèves dans la classe ont choisi CANVA pour créer leur projet, moi je l’ai fait à la main car je préfère le résultat et j’aime dessiner. Nous devions aussi trouver une vidéo qui explique l’origine du “Food Truck”. Pour terminer, nous devions apprendre au moins huit phrases en français pour expliquer notre projet à la classe et à notre professeur. Voici ci-dessous mon projet sur “Pizza Sur Roulettes”. 


Battle of Lundy’s Lane and the Siege of Fort Erie

In Social Studies we were given an assignment about the War of 1812. We were given eleven different options on what we could do it. We also got to decide if we wanted to do it with partners or in groups. Eliya and I decided we would work together to create a diorama about the Battle of Lundy’s Lane and the Siege of Fort Erie. We also had to wright a two-paragraph wright – up on the battle and how our diorama expresses the key events that happened.  Here is the wright up: The Battle of Lundy’s Lane This is a diorama of the battle of Lundy’s Lane and the Siege of Fort Erie in the War of 1812. In this war, there were more British soldiers than American soldiers. The ratio of the Americans to the British was one two one point four. That is why the ratio in our diorama is eight to ten. The battle started on July 25, 1814, from six pm till midnight. It was a cloudy day and late at night which led to a lot of confusion on the battlefield. This confusion led to the British and the Americans accidentally killing their own men. The Americans withdrew and later built their defences at Fort Erie. The British attacked Fort Erie on August 13, 1814. (Nelson History 7, pg.181). “Their goal was to lay siege to the for and force the Americans out of their defensive stronghold” (Nelson History 7, pg.181). Both the Americans and the British withdrew which meant there was no clear winner of this battle.  Our diorama is an artistic expression of the battle of Lundys Lane. The parts of the battle that we focus on are as follows. The red mini-figures represent the British soldiers, and the blue mini-figures represent the American soldiers. On the left of the diorama you will see two waterfalls, these waterfalls represent Niagara Falls which was at the foot of the battle. You might notice that both sides are not only killing the other side but are killing some of their own men. To represent the confusion that happened on the battlefield. You will also see a cannon which is a typical weapon used during this time. On top of the box, you will find fort eire to represent the events at fort erie that followed the battle.  Here is our diorama:

Pirkei Avot

In Jewish Studies class, we were asked to make a “playlist”. This is really us just finding three verses from Pirkei Avot chapter two and finding a song that connects to each one. 


Pirkei Avot 2:6

“Moreover he saw a skull floating on the face of the water. He said to it: because you drowned others, they drowned you. And in the end, they that drowned you will be drowned”(Avot 2:6) . This verse means that if you do something bad, the same thing will happen to you or worse. This teaches you to be mindful of your actions. You need to stop and think about your actions and the consequences that will follow. Would you like someone to do the same thing to you?


I think that the song “What Goes Around… Comes Around” by Justin Timberlake can relate to this verse because it focuses on the concept of karma. The chorus of this song states, “What goes around, goes around, goes around Comes all the way back around” (Timberlake). The meaning of this quote is that what you do will come back to haunt you. The connection between the song and the verse is clear. We must avoid these negative actions because they will ultimately come back. 






Pirkei Avot 2:3

Be careful [in your dealings] with the ruling authorities for they do not befriend a person except for their own needs; they seem like friends when it is to their own interest, but they do not stand by a man in the hour of his distress (Avot 2:3).  This verse means that if you put your trust in people who act as if they care for you but they are really just faking it will end up hurting you (not them).  This teaches you to be mindful of your decisions of who you become friends with and get to know them before you put all your trust in them. 


I think the song “Since U Been Gone” by Kelly Clarkson can relate to this verse because it focuses on the concept of a person must figure out the intentions of another individual before they trust them. In this song, it says, “Here’s the thing, we started out friends

It was cool, but it was all pretend”. The meaning of this quote is they were friends and she trusted him but then she figured out that it “was all pretend” (Clarkson). The connection between the song and the verse is clear.  They are both talking about fake friends and you have to be careful because it can end up really hurting you. 




Pirkei Avot 2:2

Rabban Gamaliel the son of Rabbi Judah Hanasi said: excellent is the study of the torah when combined with a worldly occupation, for toil in them both keeps sin out of one’s mind; But [study of the] Torah which is not combined with a worldly occupation, in the end comes to be neglected and becomes the cause of sin. And all who labour with the community should labour with them for the sake Heaven, for the merit of their forefathers sustains them (the, and their (the forefather’ righteousness endures forever; And as for you, [God in such case says] I credit you with a rich reward, as if you [yourselves] had [actually] accomplished [it all] (Avot 2:2). 

This verse means If you respect and follow the teaching of the Torah, sin won’t be on your mind. You need to make time to focus on Torah study. If you simply study the Torah, without actually following the lessons and teachings, you will sin. If you do something good, it will not only help yourself, but others in your community. These good deeds will also honour your ancestors.This teaches you that respecting the Torah is important. However, studying and respecting the Torah isn’t enough. You must learn the right way to live your life and follow through on your actions. 


I think the song “Truth” by  Lucinda Williams can relate to this verse because it focuses on the concept of you being in charge of following through with your decisions. This quote from the song states, “God put the firewood there, but you gotta light yourself” (Williams). This song connects to this verse as it focuses on a person needing to take action. Williams teaches us that the foundation of a project might be provided for you, but the project will not be complete until you take the initiative to do it yourself. Similarly, the verse from Pirkei Avot says that God put the Torah there, but you are in charge of following through and doing the mitzvot you learned. 

la Tortue Alligateur

la Tortue Alligateur


Pour terminer notre unité au sujet des animaux sauvages, Madame Sylvie nous a demandé de faire une recherche sur un animal de notre choix. Après avoir choisi mon sujet “la Tortue Alligateur”, j’ai recherché de l’information et préparé une présentation sur CANVA. Ce que j’ai appris de plus intéressant sur la Tortue Alligateur c’est que On les retrouve partout dans le monde sauf

Black and White Pastel Scrapbook Company Profile Presentation by georgia.smith

Hurricane Newsreport


In Social Studies, Mr. Washerstein asked us to create a news report about a hurricane. The purpose of this assignment was to inform us and our class about what can happen with a hurricane. I choose Hurricane Fiona. I learned a lot throughout the duration of this project. Did you know that the damages of hurricanes can cost the government billions of dollars in damage fixing and that a full city can get demolished? 

If I did this project again I would try to spend more time understanding my research and writing the facts down. 

Georgia’s Hurricane Fiona by georgia.smith