Persuasive essay

                                              Why I need a waterproof Fitbit 


Hi my name is Georgia. As you guys know, I love to go to the gym. I have been asking  for a waterproof Fitbit so I could  keep track of my exercise.  I will show you the reasons why I deserve a waterproof Fitbit. I want  a waterproof Fitbit because it will challenge me to get stronger, healthier and be more active as well

 If I get a  waterproof Fitbit It will encourage me to go to the gym. It will encourage me to do swimming (to get stronger). I will do more exercise with my mom. I will take Jack to the park when he wants. I will ride my bike often.

 I will go on walks with my mom so we can talk. I will walk Martha so my mom does not yell at me. I will play outside with Jack (I will play with chalk, scooters and skipping rope). I will not be on my device all the time.  I will play with Martha.

I will be busy so i don’t have to annoy my mom or dad. It will encourage me to do more activities therefore I will not annoy my mom or dad. If I get a waterproof Fitbit I will be able to show more responsibility. I should get the Fitbit because when I get it I will have to thank my mom & dad. So I will do more to help them like doing the dishes, cleaning up after dinner, doing the garage, helping Mom do the laundry and more.


I really think that if I get the Fitbit it will help me in all the areas in life. I would be more responsible, helpful, stronger and be a wonderful family member. I will be so happy and I will show leadership and I will not fight with Jack or Ruben as much.

One thought on “Persuasive essay

  1. Welcome to the OJCS Blogosphere Georgia!

    Great post! You definitely persuaded me…but I probably wasn’t your intended audience. So…did you get your waterproof Fitbit or not? How did the story end?

    I look forward to seeing what you post in the future…keep up the great work!


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