Endothelium cells 

 Endothelium cells are the cells that make vanse in your body. 


                   Blood cells  

Blood cells carry oxygen through the body. The cells float in your blood and begin the journey in your lungs. Then they go to the heart which pumps out the blood delivering oxygen to all parts of your body.


               White Blood cells 

White blood cells are part of the germ-fighting immune system.  Ther job is to kill bacteria in your body. 

2 thoughts on “cells

  1. Hi GeorgiaJ,

    I liked learning about cells in this post. Cells do some amazing things in the body. Which cells do you like best? Are you enjoying learning about the body in Grade5?
    Enjoy school this year!
    Mrs. Bennett

    1. Dear Mrs. Bennett, thank you for commenting on my blog.
      I do not have a favorite type of cell because they all do amazing things to help the body. I like learning about the body in grade 5 i have learnt a lot in the past weeks. thank you for committing!

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