Mask Paragraph

Why it’s more important to wear a mask than it is to not wear one? 

        It’s better and safer to wear a mask then it is to not. Here’s why most people don’t like wearing masks? First, it can be itchy, expensive, uncomfortable, hides facial expression, fogs up glasses, is deftly hard to breathe in and you most likely need more than one in a day and these are the ones that i know. The reasons I don’t like wearing a mask are it is  very uncomfortable, it fogs my glasses and is hard to breathe in. But, it also has its perks. You get to see your friends,  it protects you from all dangerous germs. It keeps you safe from Covid 19 and a lot more. Masks may be uncomfortable but they keep you safe and that’s why you should always wear them.


4 thoughts on “Mask Paragraph

  1. I definitely hear you about the challenge of wearing both glasses and a mask! I have tried all different kinds and I still fog up more often than not. But they do keep us (and others) safe and I agree that we have a responsibility to wear them. Keep up the blogging!

    1. Dear Doctor Mitzmacher, thank you so much for replying to my mask paragraph.
      I have figured out how to wear a mask and wear glass you have to put the mask up till the top of your noes and then slide your glass onto your noes.
      thank you

  2. Hi Georgia J,
    I agree about the foggy glasses! I have started wearing my contacts again to make mask wearing more comfortable. Like you said, we are lucky to be able to see friends and family with our masks on!! That’s why I wear mine! Looking forward to reading more blog posts from you!

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