Matter project

My matter project was about plastic manufacturing and plastic in the ocean. the reason why I decided on plastic was because I know it’s one of the biggest problem in the world right now besides for covid-19.  this is my big paragraph I made and my kahoot.



    How do you feel when you hear about plastic manufacturing and plastic in the ocean? When I hear them I think of air pollution and sea animals dying. You might wonder why air pollution? Well when you make anything in a factory there is smoke that comes out of the top of the factory and it’s called air pollution. Why are animals dying from plastic? It’s because they’re getting trapped in it, and they are eating plastic and plastic has chemicals in it so basically they are eating chemicals. So yes, there are some good things you get from plastic like, medical equipment, reusable water bottle, garbage bags, silicone straws, silicone cupcake pans, silicone spatial, silicone molds, silicone muffin cups and pretty much anything made from silicone because it’s reusable. But there’s also  negative implications you get from plastic like full landfills, animals dying, plastic in the oceans, plastic in tap water, and plastic also doesn’t decompose. Did you know that there is more than just plastic in the ocean and air pollution like there’s so much plastic in the ocean and washed up onto land like bottles,bottle caps, grocery bags, face shields, masks, milk cartons, styrofoam, straws and so much more. Also did you know by 2050 there will be 5 billion tons of plastic waste. Over 700 species of marine animals have eaten plastic or are stuck in the plastic that is in the oceans, and also sadly dying. Finally did you know that every day around 8 million pieces of plastic make it into the oceans. There’s still so much plastic in the oceans. I’m saying plastic is bad for the world even though there are some good reasons to have it. You don’t have to fully get rid of it just use less of it.hope you have a good day! Save the oceans and save our lives.



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so this is my big paragraph have a good day.

Innovation Day

           Innovation Day

    Solar panel / solar energy  


                            Georgia smith & Talia Waggott



For our project we did solar energy.  We had to do a lot of research to find out if you could store solar energy.  We learnt that you could keep the energy in a big battery so you can store overnight.  So you can charge devices or anything else you want to plug in. You could also use the power from the sunlight in the day to watch tv at night.  Now that we told you our main topic we are going to tell you about our project.  For our project we decided to make a prototype electric tree that you would see in the beginning of the movie “The Lorax”.  

Lorax – Disco tree


Empathy paragraph

Well we were making this project we got frustrated because it became very hard to think of an idea.  Then we thought of the idea to make the dico tree. ( Lorax – Disco tree ) but we would make it in a  more modest version  with led lights so you can make it into any mode with a touch of a button.  Maybe we could build a model with led light and a little solar panel for fun one day. 


Ideate paragraph 

We are deciding to make an electric tree with lots of different functions like disco mode and different colors.  We also  want it to look really cool.  We will add fireworks, a projector, outlets  and come with 5 puppies. At the top of the electric tree there will be a  solar panel and  a battery will be at the end of the tree to keep the solar energy so you can use the energy from the day at night. The diso mode and the collar will come from led lights that are in glass balls. This idea came from the lorax.


written explanation   

For our explanation of what an enertree is, it’s a metal tree with metal branches.  At the end of each branch there is a big hard plastic ball with led light strips in the end of the tree there is a place where there is a charger port, led light controller, a place to get the puppies out of and a big battery to keep the energy in.



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Endothelium cells 

 Endothelium cells are the cells that make vanse in your body. 


                   Blood cells  

Blood cells carry oxygen through the body. The cells float in your blood and begin the journey in your lungs. Then they go to the heart which pumps out the blood delivering oxygen to all parts of your body.


               White Blood cells 

White blood cells are part of the germ-fighting immune system.  Ther job is to kill bacteria in your body.