Matter project

My matter project was about plastic manufacturing and plastic in the ocean. the reason why I decided on plastic was because I know it’s one of the biggest problem in the world right now besides for covid-19.  this is my big paragraph I made and my kahoot.



    How do you feel when you hear about plastic manufacturing and plastic in the ocean? When I hear them I think of air pollution and sea animals dying. You might wonder why air pollution? Well when you make anything in a factory there is smoke that comes out of the top of the factory and it’s called air pollution. Why are animals dying from plastic? It’s because they’re getting trapped in it, and they are eating plastic and plastic has chemicals in it so basically they are eating chemicals. So yes, there are some good things you get from plastic like, medical equipment, reusable water bottle, garbage bags, silicone straws, silicone cupcake pans, silicone spatial, silicone molds, silicone muffin cups and pretty much anything made from silicone because it’s reusable. But there’s also  negative implications you get from plastic like full landfills, animals dying, plastic in the oceans, plastic in tap water, and plastic also doesn’t decompose. Did you know that there is more than just plastic in the ocean and air pollution like there’s so much plastic in the ocean and washed up onto land like bottles,bottle caps, grocery bags, face shields, masks, milk cartons, styrofoam, straws and so much more. Also did you know by 2050 there will be 5 billion tons of plastic waste. Over 700 species of marine animals have eaten plastic or are stuck in the plastic that is in the oceans, and also sadly dying. Finally did you know that every day around 8 million pieces of plastic make it into the oceans. There’s still so much plastic in the oceans. I’m saying plastic is bad for the world even though there are some good reasons to have it. You don’t have to fully get rid of it just use less of it.hope you have a good day! Save the oceans and save our lives.



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so this is my big paragraph have a good day.

Public speaking

  Why making your own food is healthier for you 

 Hello Mrs. Bennett and fellow classmates.

 Hi my name is GeorgiaJ. If you know me. you would know I love to make all sorts of food like soups, salads, cupcakes and more.  I’m going to talk to you about why making your own food is healthier for you! Have you ever read  the ingredients on the back of any  packaged food  that you have Bought at the store? Well the label on the back is called a nutrition label. You know how some of the  ingredients are weird and you don’t know what some of them are?  Like there is an additive in cereal called trisodium phosphate. It is safe if you eat small amounts of it. But If you eat too much, it can be harmful because it can cause  kidney disease and or heart conditions. Not only is cooking your own food a great activity, it helps you learn new life skills, you know exactly what ingredients are in your food and I am going to tell you all about this.

 I love to cook for my friends and family. For me it is a fun activity, and is good for my mental health. When I am cooking my mind is happy and calm. It’s a good break from my wild brothers. When I cook I create and make food art. For me it’s like an art class except instead of paint it can be icing, chocolate or cake batter to name a few. You can also have fun with friends on a playdate virtually or in person by doing baking challenges with the same recipe. Using my creative mind I decorate with cool techniques that I find on Youtube, cooking books and cooking and baking shows. Cooking in your spare time can help with your mental health or mood because cooking and baking can make you happy. Especily when you get to see the end results. It’s an even better feeling to get to share your food with friends and family for them to enjoy too.

learning new life skills (learning brain health)

When you bake you can learn life long skills. I have learned how to make a fondant flower. It took a lot of patience and some practice to get it right. Following instructions is also a big part of baking because if you are making Fondant and you do not do it correctly it can become very hard, it may crack and not be shapeable. It can also sometimes be difficult. But you just have to keep going and not give up.  Learning from failure and learning to bake also means you will also learn how to use an oven, knife and learn how to  shop for the right ingredients. Also learn how to read the recipes and follow them. 

controlling the health of the menu and ingredients. (physical health)  

In making your own food you have the control over which ingredients you are going to use and how healthy your food will be. Firstly when you make your food you know exactly  what you put in. There are alternative foods that you can use. For example if you can’t eat eggs there are different foods that you can use like: bananas, yogurt, apple sauce, tofu, flax seeds, water, sweetened condensed milk and buttermilk. Also for sugar there are alternative foods like:Stevia, honey, maple syrup, molasses, coconut, sugar  and more. Try to stick to healthy habits like eating healthier and try to workout more often. Control your ingredients and choosing healthier ones. Salads will make your menus healthier.  You can also search different substitutes for fats, flour and more .

In summary, cooking is fun. You can do it with your friends or, when there is a pandemic it can help occupy your time. Cooking uses our creativity, it’s also an art. It is colorful and full of textures.

Cooking allows you to learn new life skills. You learn to read the ingredients where  to buy them and understand the directions on how to use them. You learn your way around the kitchen, how to turn on an oven, how to chop with a knife and how to clean up, well sometimes.. You need to be patient when you cook or bake, you will learn from mistakes. Most of all cooking really helps teach time management. You need to know to know if the lasaga needs to go in before the cookies.

Cooking and baking your own dishes lets you know exactly what ingredients you will be eating and it allows you to substitute ingredients to make things healthier.

I hope that after hearing from me today, if you haven’t tried to cook or bake, don’t be scared or shy to try. Now better than ever it’s a perfect time to step into the kitchen and test out some delicious recipes. 

Thanks for listening!